Diana Papini Warren

Papini Innovations LLC


Papini Innovations LLC has been providing education programs for Maui and Hawai’i students and teachers since 2007.  Currently, we are offering an after school Volleyball Education program in Central Maui: Valley Isle Volleyball.



Diana Papini Warren
Diana played volleyball starting in Middle School and always loved it!  In 2004, she discovered Beach Volleyball and played continuously and competitively for several years, both on Maui and in Santa Cruz, CA.  She loves coed two’s and four’s the best. Diana integrated pop-up nets and grass volleyball into her Summer Camps and Family Beach Days for several years.  In 2017, she coached Pomaikai Elementary Volleyball.  It has been her dream to grow a Central Maui Volleyball Program that will inspire the love of volleyball at a young age and help students develop a foundation of basic volleyball skills while having a blast!
We hope to  see you on the grass (or at the beach) soon!

More on Diana’s Background

Diana Papini Warren is the Owner and President of Papini Innovations LLC.  She has worked in education for 22 years, 20 of them on Maui.  She has a Master of Science Degree in Education, a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Ecology, and a Secondary Science Teaching Credential.  Diana is currently the Instructional Technology Coordinator at St. Anthony School in Wailuku on Maui.  She lives with her husband and two young children in Waihee, and her passions are family time, volleyball, music, surfing, theater, and puppetry.  Diana loves coaching and teaching young children!

Even More

In 2004, she developed and launched the Maui Digital Bus Program for Akimeka LLC, a mobile science and technology lab serving Maui County Schools which is still operating today.

Hana Bay May 2006
Hana Bay May 2006


Kula Elementary Students practicing transect line data collection prior to a field study at the beach. 9/05

For three years, she drove the mobile classroom and met students and teachers on Maui in the field for scientific inquiry of wetlands, beaches, native forests, sand dunes and more.  Participants used digital microscopes, digital cameras, GPS devices, mapping software, and authentic environmental monitoring techniques such as transect line data collection and water quality testing.  www.digitalbus.org

3rd Grade Watershed Investigation  inside the Digital Bus 2005
Water testing in Waihee 2007
Water Testing in Waihee 2007

Subsequently, Diana developed and managed STEM programs while working at the Maui Economic Development Board’s Women in Technology Project.  She was instrumental in developing the GeoTech for Hawaii Schools Statewide Initiative, providing teacher workshops on all main islands introducing teachers to the power of geospatial technology.  

GIS Camp for Students July 2008
GIS Camp for Students July 2008

She also taught regular online courses, facilitated the annual GIS Day Statewide Webcast for Schools, and led geospatial activities for student camps.

GPS Treasure Hunt on Earth Day Molokai 2009

She was Curriculum Development Director for the Island Energy Inquiry Curriculum, a hands-on, inquiry-based technology-rich middle school science curriculum.  She led teacher workshops on all the main Hawaiian Islands, engaging teacher in the companion kits filled with wind turbines, mini PV panels, and energy monitoring equipment.  www.islandenergyinquiry.org

Molokai Earth Day 2007

Diana was instrumental in the integration of a mobile lab of iPads and iPod touches into MEDB WIT’s STEM programs, and she was on the development team to create the iPad App called Clean Energy STEM HD.

Island Energy Inquiry Teacher Workshop Hands-on Kit Use June 2010

In 2014, Diana established Learning Endeavors, a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop innovative education programs for Hawaii.  Two years of NOAA BWET grants funded Citizen Science Hawai’i, a program offering field-based, hi-tech learning for thousands of students statewide.  learningendeavors.org

CS logo WEBtight

Diana also developed the Papini Playhouse – An After School Music and Drama Program for students K-5 in 2013 and has been integrating puppetry, music and theater in a variety of programs ever since.

“Trouble in the Coral Reef” Papini Playhouse Performance Feb. 2013

Diana LOVES VOLLEYBALL, and coached Pomaikai Volleyball for Grade 4&5 recently as a volunteer Fall 2017.  She developed Valley Isle Volleyball in 2019 to offer more opportunities to 4th and 5th graders in Central Maui to learn and love volleyball at a young age!



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